Ultimate Guide to the Everest Base Camp Trek

From detailed day-to-day itineraries to helpful hints and tips on how to maximise your experience and minimise your costs, find over 200 pages of detailed information to help you plan your next Everest Base Camp trek.

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Topics Covered in this Guide

There are 20 chapters dedicated to answering all your questions about the Everest Base Camp trek. Take a look at some of the topics covered in this guide book.

Seasons and Best Time to Trek

Daily Itineraries

How to Choose Your Trekking Package

Packing List

Training Regime

Altitude Sickness

Other Common Issues Faced

How to Minimise Cost and Maximise Experience

Why You Should Buy This Guide?

First-Hand Experience

Learn from our experience trekking to Everest Base Camp so you can have the most enjoyable and successful trek

Helpful Hints & Tips

Each chapter contains plenty of helpful advice, hints and tips to ensure you have the best trekking experience possible

Professional Images

This book is filled with stunning photography taken from every day on the Everest Base Camp trek

Maps and Elevation Profiles

Find route maps, 3D and aerial maps as well as elevation profiles for each day of the trek

Loads of Information

This book contains over 200 pages and 20 chapters packed with all the information you will need to plan your trek

Practical Knowledge

We aim to provide you with detailed information to help you plan every aspect of your trek to Everest Base Camp

Be Inspired

This guide contains several chapters that will inspire you and fuel your fire before your Everest Base Camp trek

Be Prepared

This book has all the information you need to prepare, organise and take on this once-in-a-lifetime trek

Hi! I'm

Shareen Pote

When I wrote this book after returning from our trek to Everest Base Camp, my goal was to ensure that after reading this book you are equipped and ready to have the most successful and enjoyable trip to Everest Base Camp.
I don’t want you to make the same mistakes we made. So, the lessons I learnt along the trek are imbued throughout this book. I have endeavoured to provide as much advice, tips and first-hand experience in each of the chapters of this book.
I hope this book will provide you with all the information you need to plan, organise and prepare yourself for your monumental trip to Everest Base Camp. I also hope the information contained in this book will be useful to you no matter where you are in your planning phase.

Shareen Pote

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