Our Mission

Inspiring people to dream big, train hard and enjoy hiking, trekking and climbing adventures all over the world. 


Hike.Trek.Climb was inspired by our passion to hike and trek on and off the beaten paths, and to climb mountains big and small. 

Our stories are first-hand experiences from our adventures both close to home and from across the globe. We strongly believe that practical, first-hand experiences are the best resources and our stories emphasize not just what we did right but also what went wrong. 

Our tips and advice stem from what we’ve learned so as to ensure you have the best possible experience and avoid making the mistakes we made. 

Hike.Trek.Climb is the go-to source for hikers, trekkers and climbers looking for honest and thorough reviews. 

We’re big believers in finding and investing in the best value gear and equipment out there. Not only do they last a lifetime, it allows people to focus on the things that truly matter, to enjoy the journey and to achieve their best. As the saying goes “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

We’re individuals, a couple and a family. That’s why our reviews are from a man’s perspective, a woman’s perspective and a child’s perspective. So, whatever stage of life you’re at, we’ve got you covered. 

Last but not the least, we’re just normal people getting out there and showing that anything is possible!

Our Story

In 2020, we were living in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia with two little boys, aged two and four. It was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and what was to become a series of lockdowns which would last for two years.

One evening, our four year-old son, Gabriel announced he wanted to be a mountaineer, and the mountain he wanted to climb was Mount Everest. As lofty as that dream was, as parents we took it in our stride to make his dream come true. 

What started off as one boy’s dream became a family’s obsession.

Every weekend, we trained by climbing mountains nearby. While Gabriel walked and climbed himself, Graham carried our two-year old in a backpack. 

Our first test was to climb the ten highest peaks in Australia including Mount Kosciuszko, one of the Seven Summits on the Bass list. It was four days of hiking and climbing in Kosciuszko National Park in November 2021. What we didn’t plan for was climbing mountains covered in snow. We learnt that Gabriel loved it and was very good at traversing in the snow. 

However, our big test came in April 2022 when we hiked to Everest Base Camp as a family. For 16 days, Gabriel climbed unassisted, while Graham carried Zac in a carrier all the way to Base Camp and back. The boys suffered from food poisoning along the way but we got through it. 

Climbing to Everest Base Camp at five years of age made Gabriel the youngest Australian to ever do so. He became a celebrity overnight on the track and back in Australia. People cheered him on and ‘high fived’ him as he walked down from Everest Base Camp. Back in Australia, an article in the Courier Mail about Gabriel’s journey to Everest Base Camp got us interviewed on Channel 9’s, The Today Show and featured on the local 7 News

Today, we live in Cairns, Queensland where we continue to this day to climb mountains in the hot and humid weather.

Our goal is to climb the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. 

We plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in June/July 2023. We are currently seeking a special permit from KINAPA to allow Gabriel to climb to Uhuru Peak as the minimum age is 10 years. 

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